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Brand name drug TIGARD - the cockroach killing gel is made on the basis of imidacloprid. It is known as a highly effective contact-intestinal agent for a wide range of harmful insects.

In search of a reliable and effective remedy, many people encounter the name imidacloprid. Contrary to popular misconception, imidacloprid is not the name of any particular poison, but an insecticidal active substance on the basis of which various insect repellents are produced.

When an insect enters the body, it causes paralysis of the nervous system and digestive disorders, leading to rapid death. The substance also differs in that insects do not get used to it.

The effectiveness of imidacloprid as an insecticide:

  • Insects have no immunity to imidacloprid because it is a relatively new active substance
  • Systemic and contact action on insects from the inside
  • Long-lasting residual effect
  • Low toxic effect on the environment
  • Сresistance to high temperatures
Gel TIGARD designed for use in conditions of elevated operating temperatures

Insecticidal agent «TIGARD» Cockroach Killing Gel

  • designed to destroy all types of cockroaches
  • unlike other gels of our production, imidacloprid is used here as a DV
  • the gel has an increased resistance to a humid environment and high temperature, which provides it with high efficiency in places with hot and humid environments

ТУ 9392-003-69007441-2011


Syringe 30g. In a box of 48 pcs.

The color of the gel is white.


The active substance is IMIDACLOPRID ...0.05%

Food components...up to 100%

Shelf life 3 years.

When choosing a gel, be sure to read this annotation


  • it is a traditional poison-free agent with the addition of honey to kill flies and food moths in the form of a roll of sticky tape in a cardboard cylinder
  • the length of the tape is 68 cm
  • it differs from conventional flycatchers by a particularly viscous adhesive composition and increased resistance to drying

ТУ 9392-001/1-59359469-2005


In a box of 200 pcs.

Ingredients: vegetable oils, pine needles resin, rubbers, honey extract, artificial baits

Shelf life is 5 years.

TIGARD. Exterminator of mice and rats 1 pc.

Rodenticidal remedy for mice and rats.

It is a special plastic container with a poisonous briquette inside. It is effective for killing mice and small rats. The design of the container provides protection from access to the bait of pets and young children, so this drug can be used in residential areas and habitats of pets.

The active substance is Diphenacin. The shelf life is 3 years.

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