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How to use the Price List !

Please note that the Price List is also an Order Form.

The first step: Download the Price List from the website (it is advisable to do this every time with a new order in order to receive up-to-date data, since the information in the Price List is updated periodically)

The second step: Put the required quantity of goods in the "Order in corrugated boxes" column. Next to the "Amount" column you will see the cost of the order by item, then the cost by section, and the total cost of the order.

The third step: In the "Customer" box, write the name of your Legal entity

Further: go to the second tab, where you can see the Logistics Table, which contains (for reference)
weight and size parameters of the cargo, which should be taken into account when transporting and storing the goods in a warehouse.

(there is no need to fill in anything in the Logistics Table, the data gets into it automatically when filling out the Order Form)

The last step: send the Order Form filled out in this way (in electronic form) to our mail. Email: oboronhim@oboronhim.ru

*Please follow these Instructions for better and timely execution of your order, facilitating our work and eliminating possible errors..