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How to choose a high-quality gel from crawling insects and not be deceived

Read about how to choose a high-quality and real gel according to external signs, and what is the difference between forgery and plagiarism from a real gel.

DO NOT buy any gel WITHOUT reading this annotation. Many have learned how to pack beautifully, but FEW have learned how to make a high-quality gel.

Just like 100 years ago, remember "Twelve chairs" about Ostap Bender and "radical black color" moustache of Kitty Vorobyaninov, You can run into deception.
Now there is a huge mass of all kinds of brands of gels, and plagiarism of names that do not work at all, and often dirty your home, poison the air and are harmful to the health of people and animals.

So how to distinguish deception:

Now almost everyone has learned how to pack beautifully and thereby "powder" You have brains.
But if you just open the cardboard packaging, you will immediately see the deception.

Now we will try to explain to you how to identify a low-quality product:

This is how a high-quality syringe looks like
DOXS made of white durable plastic

1.After opening the package, you will see a syringe. A high-quality syringe has only a white color.

And here 's what it looks like low-quality: If you look at this syringe more closely, you will see it either a curve made of low-quality plastic, or to hide the plastic of disgusting quality the cylinder of the syringe it is completely covered by the label.
If the syringe is not white, this is also a sign of secondary plastic, which tinted, to hide the flaws.
Primary plastic has only a white color. It is almost impossible to achieve the tinting of secondary plastic in white.

Than dangerous making a syringe from making a syringe from:

- such a syringe on the sealed, and the gel flows out of it

- a syringe made of such plastic does not keep the temperature regime operation and transportation. The body of the syringe cracks, the stem of the syringe falls out of the cylinder.

- you never you will not achieve uniform squeezing of the gel from the syringe, it will be squeezed out by splashes, and there will also be leaksfrom under the top of the cylinder, that is on you and on your fingers. This happens because it is impossible to make exact dimensions of products from recycled plastic and adjust the stroke of the rod along the cylinder of the syringe.

- gels from such a syringe cannot be stored, because the syringe is not sealed, air gets inside the cylinder, the gel begins to ferment, which leads to the stem being knocked out of the cylinder and the gel spreading in the storage place.

These supposedly manufacturers of gels make syringes either on "killed" medical forms, or on cheap Chinese ones, and they use plastic waste at the same time. Therefore, such manufacturers get cheap syringes of absolutely low and unusable quality. In fact, it's just a hoax.

2. Next, slightly squeezing out the gel, you see its color. A high-quality gel should be only white in color and have a gel fraction, and why:

- If you see yellow, dark yellow or brown gel color, then in such a gel is added cheap egg powder.
Low-quality manufacturers and deceivers use cheap egg powder as an insect attractor and the cheapest Chinese technical active ingredient.

-If you do not see the most jelly-like fraction of the gel, and do you see something grainy and incomprehensible, like porridge, then it definitely doesn't work because low percentage of active substance it is impossible to stir in the porridge.
The active substance can be evenly placed only in the jelly-like fraction of the gel.

-Further, smearing such a supposedly gel along the baseboards or dripping on pieces of paper, you are faced with the problem of decomposition of egg powder, and soon - with the smell of rotten eggs at home.

-Also, such a gel leaves пятна on porous surfaces and is an accomplice to the reproduction of bacteria in your house. Such gels are simply cause harm to health.

However, many people buy these gels, chasing their cheapness. But as you know - a miser pays twice.

Some companies are engaged in the distribution of such gels, and then they will be ashamed to look into the eyes of their customers.

This happened because many popular brands were outbought many times by various unknown companies that have never had anything to do with the production of insecticides, and, chasing super profits, use low-quality components and provide a low price for products that do not work at all and bring only harm..

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