Основан в 1997 году
ПО Оборонхим Более 20 лет на рынке бытовой химии!
тел.: 8(495) 120-75-91
email: oboronhim@oboronhim.ru



Mailing address for letters:
Postal address: 143032 Moscow region.,
Odintsovo district, p. Slides-10, d 50/1

Wholesale Sales Department:

тел.: 8 (495) 120-75-91 - multi - channel
тел.: 8 (926) 566-97-14

Email: oboronhim@oboronhim.ru

PO OBORONHIM was founded in 1997 as the main scientific and production association of its scientific, manufacturing and trading enterprises, whose goal is to develop and produce the world's best insecticidal and rodenticidal products.

The company has gone through different periods of formation, developed many popular brands and produced tens of millions of units of high-quality products.

PO OBORONHIM it is a guarantee of the highest quality, whose products are appreciated all over the world.